Bond and matru ki bijli ka mandola remix

This video is a remix of 'matru ki bijli ka mandola" the upcoming movie od imran khan and bond movie skyfall.
When you know Hindi this is so funny.

Nokia Story

Next time we will take nokia torch light phones in war as shields.

The difference

As a father , child and mother.

How about a magic trick


Don't Fail in exam son

Don't Fail in exam son

Normal vs. Exam Days

I don't want to fail you know.

Gangnam Story

Still better than justin biber

Praise the Dog

Praise the Dog he saved the book from getting more pages added

How he won a mobile phone

Illegal race

Get ready for War

What did you just say

How to become Wikii donor

Wikipedia trolled

Smart Doggy

He is a genius

Grade Story

True Grade Story

Oppa Dabbang Style

Oppa Dabbang Style

When a Girl changes her relationship status

When a Girl changes her relationship status to single

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